Posted on March 20, 2012

The Spring 2012 page for student projects for e338: American Literature since 1865.

For your teaching:  think about your presentation as an opportunity to introduce your classmates to the importance of your chosen topic as an aspect of American literature as a subject.  You have chosen your topic, theoretically, because you think there is something useful and instructive about it in relation to the canon.  You are teaching your classmates about key parts of American literature, raising questions about the shape of that subject, and encouraging them to think further about what you are working on.  You want your classmates to think: “That subject that so-and-so talked about is important in thinking about the definition of American Literature.  I am going to read more about that subject, and I am definitely going to check out their written final project when it is online.”


1) Presentations.  For at least 2 days of the presentations, you will write a response paper to one of the writings assigned.  These may be for any day, except for the day you are presenting.  You may write about two different readings from one day.  Due on the day of the reading you are discussing, or during the next class (your choice). You may do one additional reading response to replace an earlier response if you like.

2) Draft of final project online. (Week 14–April 24)

3) Final project fully online. (Week 15, May 1–No papers accepted after May 7).  Please read and comment on at least two projects.

4) Course Evaluations, self-evaluation. (Week 15)

Week 12:  (All readings under Documents tab above)

Tuesday, April 10

Matt on Heller

Kane on Donleavy

Cole on Bellow

Thursday, April 12

Sal on Kerouac

Charles on Kerouac

Bailey on Hinton

Week 13

Tuesday, April 17

Nicole on Tennessee Williams

Kristine R. on Plath

Kristina on Jovita Gonzalez

Thursday, April 19

Jimmy on Vonnegut

Chris on Donald Barthelme

Cameron on Raymond Carver

Week 14

Tuesday, April 24

Omar on Amiri Baraka

Allyson on gay literature

Kristine S. on Asian-American Literature

Thursday, April 26

Stephen on Crichton

Connor on Isaac Asimov

Michael on sci-fi

Week 15

Tuesday, May 1

Lauren C. on Hip-Hop

Lauren K. on ?

Laci on night

Thursday, May 3


–all assignments due