Creating an Account:

1. You will receive an email inviting you to join this website.

2. Click on link.

3. If you have a wordpress account, log-in and accept the invitation to join.  You can then publish on your class page.

4. You may either create your own blog page for your project or use the page provided in the above link.  If you create your own blog/web page for your project, please send me the link, and I will link to your site.

5. If you don’t have a wordpress account, you will need to create one.  You don’t have to create a blog; use the link to the right to create an ID.

6. Accept the invitation to join this site.


Editing your page:

You may put all your written material on one page, but it might make more sense and be better to split up pages by creating new pages and linking.


1. Insert any material you wish to have on your main page here.  You may change the title if you wish.  Click publish.

2. Click “Pages” on left.  Click “add new”.

3. Give title to new pages.  Insert material.  On right hand side under “Page Attributes” click “Parent” and choose your main page.  Be sure to link any new pages you create to your main student page.

4. Click publish.  Select “View Post” or copy “Permalink” address.

5. Return to main page.  Select a word or phrase to attach a link to.  In the toolbox above, click the icon that looks like three links.  Insert address.  Click publish when done.

6. Insert pages and links to make your pages as navigable as possible.  You may link to outside sources and even to other classmate pages.  Do not insert links into classmate pages or make any changes to classmate pages.  As administrator, I can see who edited what pages.



Your final project should contain the following elements (per person guidelines):

Background on your subject: a well-written introduction to your subject using a combination of primary and secondary sources to cover biographical, bibliographical, historical, and cultural elements of your subject and introduce your readers to that subject.  You will write a draft of this material to introduce your readings, but you should revise for your final posting (at least 700 words).

Analysis of your subject: you will read one major primary source (novel, book of poems, or short stories, play, film, etc.) and choose a major aspect of that source to analyze.  You must use at least two scholarly sources to support your analysis.  This section should address the relationship of your subject to the idea of “American Literature” as an evolving academic subject.  (at least 1500 words)

List of sources/resources: a bibliography of the works consulted for your project.  In addition, you should provide a list of online or other resources for your readers to peruse.

This content may be presented so that it is engaging and useful for your audience–which is your classmates, me, and any outside readers.  If you have questions, please let me know.


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