Bibliography and Reception

Throughout Vonnegut’s career, he wrote 14 novels and numerous other short stories, essays, and scripts. Vonnegut became known first as a science fiction writer with his first two novels Player Piano (1952) and Sirens of Titan (1959). It wasn’t until the revolutionary times in the 60’s that Vonnegut gained a cult following and established himself as a prominent literary figure. Vonnegut’s breakthrough came with his publication of Cat’s Cradle (1963) followed by God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater (1965). Vonnegut’s masterpiece, as many would call it, Slaughterhouse Five (1969) established the writer a key figure of postmodernism through elements of a nonlinear fiction and themes of the destructive nature of man and the meaninglessness of life. Vonnegut’s postmodern nature continued to show in his next novel, Breakfast of Champions (1973), which showcases yet another relatively flat plot while exploring the complexities of the human psyche. Vonnegut continued to put out successful novels throughout the 80’s exploring politics, religion, and other human thought structures with Jailbird (1979), Deadeye Dick (1982), Galapagos (1985), and Bluebeard (1987). Vonnegut’s career writing novels began to cease in the 90’s but still keeping within his exploration of politics and the human psyche with Hocus Pocus (1990) and his final novel Timequake (1997). Vonnegut never wrote another novel after Timequake, but remained active as writer in writing numerous short stories, articles, and plays in his remaining years.



Breakfast of Champions Analysis

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